International Womens Day

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   Dear Visitor
To all the gals out there, happy international women’s day. 

It’s a timely moment to reflect of women’s issues.  One of the young mums in my mums and bubs class has had constant pelvic pain following the birth of her second child and been told by her GP just to get on and there is nothing she can do about it.  

Girls, for all the issues down there that you can have, there is without doubt soooooo much you can do about it! And us girls have got to spread that word and let as many women know as possible.

Megan Bergman, is our in house women’s health Physio. She works with clients with similar stories all the time.......and guess what? With some good assessment and Physio treatment intervention, most people can do really well.

So take time to pat yourselves on the back girls.....enjoy the day! But as women let’s make sure we chat about women’s issues and help let others know they are not alone.....and there is help out there!

Check out our article below for a a bit more info
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