Is Your Posture Letting You Down

Good posture is always talked about but why is it so important. At the end of the day we are a bunch of bones. To keep those bones aligned into a good position we need muscles. If we align our body well then not only are our bones in the right position but our muscles are working in balance to hold our bones there.

If we position ourselves into poor posture it is no different to building a building leaning at 45° when it should be straight upright – some walls will crack, some blocks will be squashed. Poor posture means that some muscles, ligaments and joints are stretched and some are compressed. The result is damage and, of course, pain. The skill of a good therapist is to assess exactly where this break down is occurring and help you to correct this. Incredible new research looking at the cortex of the brain has shown that people in pain cannot differentiate different parts of their body. We call this cortical smudging. This makes it very hard for someone with an injury to feel what correct alignment is, are their joints in the right posture, and are the right muscles working. Part of rehabilitation from an injury is reteaching the cortex of the brain to learn what “normal” is. At Physiologix, we use ultrasound imaging to show you the muscles that should be working. Ultrasound gives live biofeedback when you contract your muscles so you learn what is correct and what is not correct. We use a lot of mirror work to teach you what correct posture is. Pilates is the combination of moving in good postural positions with the correct muscles on. Our classes are small and run by experienced physios who will work with you to teach you how to move well.

Education also forms an essential component of learning good posture. Do you stand correctly? Do you sit correctly? Are you sleeping is the best possible position? Is the environment you work in correct? These are some of the many things your physio will go through with you, helping you to understand the best possible alignment during each task. There are many aids out there that can help your posture depending on what your injury is. For example, a wedge cushion on a chair lifts your hips slightly higher than your knees. This opens the hips up stopping pain in the front of your hip, and sits you on your sitting bones helping take pressure off the buttocks and back, reducing pain in these areas.

Learn how you can help yourself. Position your body better and protect yourself from pain. Better still, develop good posture and prevent pain from ever happening.

Please contact our Physiologix physios for any help or advice on (07) 3511 1112 or email us from our contact page. We are now offering an evening pilates class in addition to the other classes we already offer!