Pregnancy Pilates

Physiotherapy supervised pilates is a wonderful form of exercise to help injury prevention and low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Why Do Pilates with Luisa

Learn about some of the many reasons to do pilates, from mind body awareness, to improving posture, strengthening and improving your core.

PhysiTrack Video App

We believe in helping you to do give you all the right tools and simple but effective guidance to achieve your goals.

We have embraced the latest technology as one way of helping you to achieve your goals faster and more effectively, by making it easy to be consistent. Take a look at PhysiApp. We will help you to use this tool to take leaps ahead in your progress towards your goals.

What Is Pilates

Learn about the Pilates we teach at Physiologix. Centered around precission, control and breathing whilst learning to move the body, regaining muscle control, flexibility, co-ordination, balance and alignment. Ultrasound guided core activation is taught. Using state of theart equipment in the stunning Physiologix gym. Supervised by highly qualified physiotherapists.

Where to find us - a tour

This short video will help you to find out how to find us once you get to 200 Settlement road, The Gap. You'll also get a sneak peak at our rooms and a few ofour friendly staff.

Closed door treatment

At Physiologix, we ensure each consultation and treatment you recieve the best possible care, undivided attention and privacy.