4 Tips to Keep Pain Free This Christmas

It’s the lead up to Christmas! A very Exciting and Busy time of the year. At Physiologix we know this time can also be quite stressful, especially if you’re carrying an Injury or living with a long-term condition. So here are 4 simple, FREE, easy top follow tips to keep pain free this Christmas

Tip 1 To Keep Pain Free This Christmas - Sitting

pain relief sitting reduce pain at ChristmasOver the Christmas period there is a lot of socialising. Whether it’s Christmas parties/ work do’s, catching up with friends and family, Driving or Flying to see our loved ones. 

Spending longer periods of time sitting can lead to pain in your buttock/ hips and/ or back.

Raising your hips higher than your knees when sitting can often relieve some of this pressure. 

We often recommend using something like a cushion under your bottom if sitting for longer periods. 

At Physiologix we have several products for sale. All Australian Made and Easily transported to Your Car/ sofa/ work chair/ Aeroplane:

  • Coccyx Wedge Cushion- unique cut- out section minimises painful pressure of the tailbone region, the wedged angle promotes comfortable spinal posture. This can also assist to alleviate tailbone pain during pregnancy. 
  • Multi- purpose Cushion- Made with ‘EggFoam’ that absorbs your weight and reduces pressure to allow you to sit more comfortably for longer periods. The ‘Open- cell’ Foam composition allows the cushion to breathe. It is also hypoallergenic, dush free and odourless. 
  • Flo Bac Support- gently cushions and supports the spine with comfort. Promotes the spines natural curvature with its durable open-weave soft mesh cover allows air to flow. 

If you feel you need some Advice/ additional support. Please feel free to contact us to book an appointment with our Highly Qualified and friendly Staff. We are Open Monday’s – Saturday’s Early mornings until evenings. You can also watch more about these great sitting tips by cicking HERE

Tip 2 To Keep Pain Free This Christmas - Did someone say Massage?

reduce pain at Christmas massage aching musclesWho doesn’t love a nice relaxing Massage? Physio’s… only joking of course we love it. A lot of our treatment in physiologix’s involves hands on soft tissue release to alleviate aching/ tight muscles. 

You can complete some soft tissue release at home: 

  • Using our Dr Graemes Massage Gun you can manage the pressure/ intensity of each area. 
  • Our massage sticks work a treat on those aching legs. 
  • And our handy tigger balls can go anywhere and everywhere with you. Reaching some of them hard to reach nots. 

We also have 2 amazing Remedial Massage Therapists Emma and Anna. Both have years of experience and they can help relieve any discomfort before/ during or after the holiday season.

If you feel you need some Advice/ additional support. Please feel free to contact us to book an appointment with our Highly Qualified and friendly Staff. We are Open Monday’s – Saturday’s all day.  You can watch a video showing these massage ideas by clicking HERE

Tip 3 To Keep Pain Free This Christmas - Easy Back Pain Relief Exercises

back exercises to reduce back pain at ChristmasWe all know exercise has been shown to have massive benefits for our general health and fitness. The same is the case for back pain.  Many of us suffer more at this time of year with back pain, be it longer hours at work before the holidays, all the travel, socialising or trying to get the house in top shape for guests coming over!

The Physiologix Physio’s are here to help. We do a lot to help relieve back pain and keep those niggles away. Exercise plays a massive part in our treatment. 

The exercise does not always have to be complicated. They can be done in the comfort of your own home. Even in your bed. Try the following:

Lying on your back and gently complete some knee rocks 

Lifting a knee up to your chest for 20-30 seconds each leg. 

Rock and rolls- gentle movement for 1- 2 minutes. 

Small slow pelvic tilts flattening your back gently into the bed/ chair when sitting up. 

If you feel you need some advice/ additional support or hands on treatment, please feel free to contact us to book an appointment with our Highly Qualified and friendly Staff. We are Open Monday’s – Saturday’s, including early and late appointments.  You can watch a demonstration of the exercises by clicking HERE

Tip 4 To Keep Pain Free This Christmas Standing

reduce standing pain at Christmas With all that time standing cooking, waiting on transport, working in retail, helping customers get those last-minute gifts, standing at functions, we can get increased pain and discomfort in the back and hips. 

Here is some helpful options to relieve this discomfort: 

  • Supportive shoes- changing your shoes to a supportive sole can help soften the feet from the hard ground. There are lots of great shoe options nowadays to support all shapes of feet. 
  • When cooking you could try standing on a mat- Be careful not to trip over it! 
  • When standing, think about how much weight is on your feet.Try standing with 2/3 of your weight on your heels and soften knees - this can help align the body is a position that supports the back, hips, knees, ankles and feet. 

These are some general tips to help with standing, however if you are still unsure or struggling with pain. Have a chat with our friendly physiotherapists.  They can provide a thorough and in-depth assessment to reduce pain levels and stiffness during the Christmas period.  You can watch a video to show you how to stand better by clicking HERE


We hope this blog helps give you simple tips, exercises and ideas on how to stay pain free this Christmas.  Have a wonderful Festive Season everyone.