Are i-phones the Next Overuse Injury Epidemic

Please read the article below (written brilliantly by Michael Prain) and pass it on to all the parents you know. We have to think about what the i-technology era is doing to our own and more importantly our kids spines. If we don't look after our children's spines now, we are setting them up for a future of bad health, headaches, pain, medications and health practitioner visits, possible disability and difficulty working.....the list goes on.

I have also listed a few ideas of just a couple of things you can do to help prevent issues which we tried to have published as well.
Most of you know I am crazy passionate about PREVENTION!. I am always delighted to come and talk at any parents/group evening about this and things for parents to know and understand when it comes to preventing postural issues. Call us any time. It is up to the parents out there to get this issue recognised and taken seriously - certainly in the short term it will be you paying for treatment for the child but worse still having an unhappy child at home!…/mobile-phones-causing-overuse-…/

How to avoid your mobile device becoming a pain in the neck

Simple posture tips when using a mobile device:

· Instead of hunching forward, draw your shoulders back so that they are in line with your ears and don’t/do??? stick your chin out.
· Hold your mobile phone higher to avoid looking downwards and arching your neck.
· If using a tablet, try to use a separate wireless keyboard. Set up so the tablet is at eye level and the keyboard is level with your elbows.
· Avoid low gaze angles when using your tablet by placing it on a table rather than your lap. Use a case that allows you to prop the tablet up to improve your viewing angle.
· Try to limit the use of your mobile phone for emails and web browsing. Instead, wait until you can use your laptop or PC, both of which can be made more ergonomic.
· Break regularly from using a mobile device – say, once every 15-30 minutes and then roll your shoulders forward and back for 30 seconds.