Can We Prevent Our Kids Hurting Themselves in Sport?

The answer is YES! A massive study in Scandinavia looked at 120 handball teams, 1837 players aged 15 to 17.  The aim was to see if the number of acute ankle and knee injuries could be reduced in the season by doing a good, sports specific, injury prevention warm up.  Over the season the number of injuries in the group that didn’t do a good warm up was 81 versus the group that did do the specific warm up was only 48.  As a parent, speak with the team coach and/or your child and ask what kind of warm up is being done. If you think it is not up to scratch, maybe send coaching staff the link to this article – no good coach wants to lose players over the year. 

And as a parent, the last thing you need is an upset, frustrated, injured teenager at home, and you definitely don’t need the medical appointments and costs associated with injury. 

To ensure the success of this prevention program, specific training was provided to the staff on the specifics of the exercises and how to do them correctly. At Physiologix, we are more than happy to come out and talk to parents or staff, should you ever want more ideas, or training, on how to look after kids in sport.  Prevention is always better than a cure - please call us to find out more!

Here is what the warm up should include:

Warm-up exercises
(30 seconds and one repetition each)
Jogging end to end
Backward running with sidesteps
Forward running with knee lifts and heel kicks
Sideways running with crossovers (“carioca”)
Sideways running with arms lifted (“parade”)
Forward running with trunk rotations
Forward running with intermittent stops
Speed run

(One exercise during each training session; 4 minutes and 5×30 seconds each)
Planting and cutting movements
Jump shot landings

(On a balance mat or wobble board, one exercise during each training session; 4 minutes and 2×90 seconds each)
Passing the ball (two leg stance)
Squats (one or two leg stance)
Passing the ball (one leg stance)
Bouncing the ball with eyes closed
Pushing each other off balance
Strength and power
(2 minutes and 3×10 repetitions each)
One quadriceps exercise:
Squats to 80° of knee flexion
Bounding strides (Sprunglauf)
Forward jumps
Jump shot—two legged landing
“Nordic hamstring lowers” (2 minutes and 3×10 repetitions each)

To read more, a full version of this article is available, for free at this site: