Kirsty Co-Founder Behind the Website

HPH Banner Web facebookGot hip or pelvis pain?

3 years in the making, is a website, that Kirsty and 2 of her colleagues, Dr Alison Grimaldi and Sharon Hennessey have put together. This is a one stop shop to learning all about issues around the hip and pelvis, their potential causes, and the treatment options available with best current research evidence. 

The site was born out of the frustration of clients coming to us having been told many incorrect things, "fake news", about their injury and its management

Not due for official launch until mid November, the website is now live and freely available to the public. If you, friends or family suffer from hip or pelvis pain, we would really love your feedback.

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Physiologix and our staff remain at the cutting edge of all the latest research, treatment techniques and technology in the management of hip and pelvis pain.  We hope this is a site that helps better guide the general public about the whats, the what nots and the how tos of hip and pelvis pain.