How to Get the Best Out of Your Muscles

Muscles contract and relax to allow the body to move. You may use them to move the body faster and therefore gain better cardiovascular fitness. You may want to hypertrophy and strengthen them with weights. There are so many ways to train, use and strengthen the muscle system. However muscles also break down. They can develop trigger points which are points within the muscle that are excessively tight. This creates an imbalance through the muscle and can result in pain and discomfort. Remedial massage, trigger point release and dry needling are fantastic ways to release these trigger points, stop the pain and gain healthy muscle tissue. Whole muscles can become tight. This is often due to poor postural positioning when doing an exercise resulting in incorrect use of a muscle and, as a result, a constant feeling of tightness that seems impossible to get rid of. Releasing the muscle using soft tissue massage helps reduce the tight sensation.

However to prevent the tension returning, biomechanics (that is, how you move) must be assessed and corrected. Sometimes stretching can be of benefit but in some cases this can also make things worse. Understanding why you are sore is essential if you are to get rid of the tension, and that means a careful, thorough assessment of what you are doing and how you are doing it! If muscle aches and tensions are not addressed then a muscle strain, or tearing of the muscle fibres can occur. A strain will never heal to be as strong as the original tissue, but with careful exercise rehabilitation, warm up drills, stretching and massage, future damage can be minimised. Physiologix provides remedial massage therapists and physios to help keep your muscles in tip top condition. To find out more email or call us on (07) 3511 1112.