Injuries in kids and teenagers. What parents need to know

The physios at Physiologix work with elite sport and therefore are all too aware of how specialised working with kids and teenagers is and how their injury types are very very different to those found in adults and a correct diagnosis is often missed by a less experienced practitioner.

Kids have growth plates, areas of bone not yet fully attached to a main bone. Muscles can attach to some of these growth plates and pull them away from the main bone. Know what and where these are is essential. With major force this age group can totally pull the growth plate away, called an avulsion injury. If not rested and managed long term problems can arise. Constant pulling on these growth areas can result in constant soreness for the youngster. Osgood schlatters at the knee, or severs at the heel are common examples of this. Good assessment to see why the condition developed is essential. This invovles specific tests looking at muscles and joints, but also functional tests screen for poor movement technique that can also be a major contributor to cause. Teaching parents ways to massage sore ares and how to tape to protect a sore area can be invaluable. And restructuring how much load the youngster is doing ensures minimal loss of fitness and competition time while optimising recovery.
Understanding the role of growth spurts is essential. Bones are not as strong and may be more susceptible to stress reaction injuries at this time. Muscles become stretched tight by the sudden lengthening of the bones which can cause all sorts of problems. Learning good stretching technique and ways to self massage or trigger point the tight muscles can provide valuable pain relief for the child.
Working with everyone involved parents, teachers and coaches is integral to success with this age group. At Physiologix our staff have extensive experience in this age group and will help guide you and your child through the process of making a recovery and returning to sport as soon as possible. Call us on (07) 3511 1112 or email from our website