iPhone Neck

 iPhone neck? Yes, you heard it right. And no, HTC and Samsung users are not safe! 

Happy New Year everyone for us all at Physiologix. Guess like me you sent a lot of txts to wish everyone best wishes over the festive season along with a bunch of other things on your phone. So thought we all needed to be aware of what your phone can do to you! YES! PHYSICALLY IT CAN HURT YOU! And maybe a few things to think about when reviewing those new year resolutions, like " Think phone, Think posture". A recent study published by Dr. Kenneth K Hansraj looked at the forces on our necks while we look at our mobile phones, and the results might make you put down your phone (after reading this of course!). The human head weighs on average 4.5 to 6.8 kgs, and when you sit in proper posture, it exerts minimal force on the neck. This study found that the more we bend our heads down, the more force is placed on our necks. Essentially, if we bend our heads forward 60 degrees, it is equal to 27 kg of force on our necks. That’s the equivalent to having a small child sit on your neck while sending a text!

People tend to spend from 2-4 hours a day either reading or texting on their mobile phones and other hand held devices, which ends up being 700-1400 hours per year of additional neck stress. It was also suggested that high school students may spend a further 5000 hours a year in poor general posture which can affect their necks, backs, and more! This increased stress on the neck can lead to sore muscles and limit the amount you can move your neck, all of which can predispose you to many different injuries. 

Stay tuned for our top postural tips in next week’s article or pop into Physiologix for a personalized postural assessment with one of our physios. In the meantime, try to keep your ears over your shoulders, your chin tucked in (just enough to get a stunning double chin), and try to mimic the O degrees diagram in the attached image. OR better yet, put down that phone and chat with those around you!