Its All About Balance... Literally!

 Balance could save your life.

Can you stand on one leg without holding on?
Can you stand on one leg while turning your head to look from left to right?
Can you stand on one leg with your eyes closed?

Here's why being able to say yes to all the above is so important. Good balance means fast reactions. When muscles jump on quickly in response to a loss of balance, they catch you and pull you back upright, helping prevent knee and ankle sprains.

Balance when you are younger could save you a fortune in MRI, physio and specialist bills.

Balance is also the first thing to deteriorate with age. As you get older, falling and badly hurting yourself is everyone's fear. And justifiably so. Bad falls can mean broken bones and broken bones can mean going for surgery, which can be a tough thing to go through at any age.

To prevent this slowing down of reaction we should all be putting 5 minutes of balance into our general daily exercise routine. Balance helps you strengthen your core. It helps prevent injury. If you get injured it helps you to recover: once a joint is damaged, maybe from a back or leg injury, balance is affected. Injury can teach a body to be so responsive to pain that it forgets to respond to a change in balance. Suddenly you re-injure the same thing you just recovered from. This is extremely frustrating, often painful, and usually expensive.

So in conclusion, a bit of balance a day helps keep the physios away!