Ladies - Are You Doing The Best for Your Body

women exercising doing balance falls prevention exercise
Women’s health week was last month and we want to remind you about just some of the things we work with at Physiologix, that so often women out there just think they have to live with.

1. Weak Pelvic Floor - this can be at any age.  Poor pelvic floor has been shown in teenage athletes......and it is an issue that becomes more common as we move through the different stages of life.  Our physios use ultrasound imaging  which is put onto the lower part of the tummy and angled down so that we are able to see the base of the pelvic floor.  We can then assess what happens when you do a pelvic floor contraction - does your pelvic floor lift as it should or does something else occur. This can help guide how we can then progress to help you.  It is also a brilliant reassessment tool, to see how you may have improved over time.

2. Pregnancy - having literally just had my second child, I know first hand how much preparing your body in pregnancy, and then making sure you get into the right exercises after birth, is vital to help support your body both at the time of pregnancy and birth, but also for the long term future.  This is something I am hugely passionate about. Younger women assume things will work out ok.....they don’t prioritise this small but essential part of their future wellbeing. Our physios will assess any issues, specific exercises will be set, and we have the most incredible pilates program for those that are able to commit a little more time.  No matter what your situation, how much time you have, and what constraints life is throwing at you, we can tailor something specifically for your needs.

3. Healthy aging - as we age, and especially as we travel through and into post-menopause, there are so many changes that our bodies have to endure.  And there is so much you can do to help age well.  No matter if you want to continue as you are and work on prevention, or you have never done a thing and think it is time to start we can help.  Don't leave it too late. Osteoporosis, balance and falls prevention, maintaining muscle mass - these are all things you can work on with hugely effective results.  You can work through an individually designed program, specific to your needs, in our small pilates equipment classes in the beautiful Physiologix private rehab area. Or we can design a program that you can take with you to the gym, or do from home.  

So ladies, spread the word about women’s health awareness, and that means, girls its time to think about yourselves, your health, and your future.  At Physiologix we look forward to helping support you, no matter what your journey.