Move for Health - Small Group Classes - Individually Tailored

pilates supervised on reformerReviewing the research coming out from many different journals, there is often agreeing and disagreeing. However there is one consistent thing – move to feel better!   It almost doesn’t matter what is wrong with you; back pain, injury, poor health, health prevention, mental health……you name it…..movement is what you need.  However that is often easier said than done.

At Physiologix getting people moving is core to what we believe.  Your Physiologix physio will always incorporate exercises specific to your injury, but we will also look at what we have to do to maintain your current level of fitness while you cant do your normal activity. And if you don’t have a normal activity we will be there to help support you in finding something you would like to do.  

Physiologix runs small classes (4 people max) – these form an essential part of our exercise approach.  The biggest key to success with these are that they are totally individualised to you.  You have your own program, you do things at the speed and pace you require, you have either a physio (if you do the physio classes) or an accredited pilates instructor (that is someone who has done a years Pilates study, at least 100 hours of practical, and then gained their accreditation – not someone who has done a short course) looking over you, helping you get the exercises right, progressing them as and when you need.

We have a huge range of equipment, reformers, trapeze, spine correctors, balance apparatus, sliders, wunda chairs – the range of different exercises you can achieve are immense.  And there will always be a physio designated to you to oversee your case.

Getting moving may sound easy, but it is not. People are scared, they lack confidence, they are terrified of their injuries or illnesses, they have no motivation, they have had previous bad experiences…..there are so many reasons.  Doing a small, taylored group exercise session is fantastic, the perfect start.  And doing a class where you can do a program totally specific to you is a winner, it is the generalised approach where everyone does the same thing that so often sees people get hurt.  

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