Online Pilates Classes - Unlimited Access

Online Pilates classesLooking for access to online Pilates Classes? 

Get unlimited availablity for a set time period and work out from where-ever you are.

Going away? Travelling? Cant get in to the clinic? Too busy? Worried about your health and wanting to. stay in teh safety of your own home? 

There are so many reasons you may choose to exercise from home.

Access these great online pilates classes
  • Safely from Home
  • As often as you want for a week (although time periods may vary)
  • When you want

Join Moira, one of our highly experienced, accredited pilates instructors, for either or both of these 2 at home pilates workouts.

Functional Fitness 
Focus: functional movements, all over body workout, balance, bone density, fun movement, weight bearing, no floor work. 
Needed equipment: chair, theraband, 1 heavy weight (2-5kg, or a 2l carton of milk, or laundry liquid), and a set of small hand weights (0.5kg or 1kg, or a pair of canned goods).

Matwork Pilates
A more traditional floor-based workout.
Focus: mobility, abdominals and continuous movements.  Moving the spine in every plane of movement, a good abdominal workout and feel-good movements
Equipment needed: none.  Just a mat and a towel (as an assist).

Cost: 30$ for 1 weeks access for each class (or as per offer)

Just call us on (07) 3511 1112 to make payment and we will provide you with a link and unique password.

Pilates is a wonderful way to strengthen, improve balance and flexibility, work on posture and potentially to help reduce injury. Moira will help guide you through a range of movements with control and precission. She will give you key pointers so as to maintain good technique throughout, be that alignemnt, breathing, or as to which muscles should be working.....and equally importantly which muscles should not be working.

Please note Physiologix holds no responsibility for any pain or injury sustained while doing the class or any of the exercises.  Do not exercise into pain, be careful not to do too much of something new, and listen to you body - if in doubt, miss it out!