Remedial Massage (Brisbane)

get the best remedial massage brisbaneMost of us love a good massage. But how do you know what is good?  Trying to find a high quality remedial massage in Brisbane is no easy task.  Here are some guidelines to help you.

Does your Remedial Massage Therapist in Brisbane have “the touch”?

No pain, no gain – this is a saying often used with hands on therapists. Safe to say, for most people, this is rubbish. In fact, for most of us, looking for a massage to help an injury, or to help reduce the muscle ‘tightness’ brought on by stress, more aggressive massage is likely to just leave you feeling worse.  In you are in pain, muscles change how they work around the injury to protect you. Aggressively manipulating them will often just make the body more fearful of what is going on, and most likely, the muscles will just become more sore and more “tight”.  In the case of “stress” tightening everything up – an aggressive massage is just more “stress” to the body.  Again the system needs calming, safety, an ability to be able to feel at ease – aggressive massage is definitely unlikely to create this affect.

Work with your Remedial Massage Therapist

Work with your therapist, and have you therapist work with you.  When having a session with your Remedial Massage Therapist should be constantly checking that the pressure and techniques they are using are good for you.  You must say at any time if you are unhappy, that you respond better to more pressure, or less pressure.  Likewise, don’t feel pushed into having certain massage techniques.  And if something doesn’t work on one occasion, for example, maybe you are treatment sore afterwards for a prolonged period, or the post massage soreness is too much for you, make sure your therapist is able to utilise a wide repertoire of skills so that they can change what they do to work for your body.

What does your Remedial Massage Therapist know.

Does your therapist have a good grasp of the anatomy of the body, injuries and pathologies, and the multifactorial other things that can affect us?  There are many little things that can make a massage much more effective.  This includes how you are positioned – maybe you would be best to avoid certain positions, maybe you would benefit from support while you lie, maybe you need to change positions more frequently, and maybe its best you don’t lie down at all!! Are there certain areas to include in your massage that would indirectly be likely to help your main issue. For example, how many of us have a sore neck and have considered how tight our jaw muscles are? They are all interlinked.

Your Remedial Massage Therapist in Brisbane liaises with your medical team?

At Physiologix, we are lucky to have an extremely experienced, multi-professional team, who all communicate with each other, as well as other medical support professionals you might be using.  The ability for the therapists to discuss your issues, and the best way forward for you in your journey to recovery, is likely to greatly improve your chances of a better outcome. 

Ilya and Georgie are our brilliant Physiologix Remedial Massage Therapists. They are two of the more qualified and experienced remedial massage therapists in Brisbane. They are skilled in providing you with the best massage for your needs. You will be in great hands – book in and benefit!




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