Run Well, Run Fast - Get a Running Assessment at Physiologix

Want to Run but don’t know where to start?

Running is becoming a popular sport as you can do it anywhere, in the gym on the treadmill, outside on running paths amidst the trees; you do not need a partner to run with, and all you need is a pair of running shoes!

It would be good to be assessed by a physiotherapist who can identify factors that may affect running technique. Factors include flexibility, muscle strength, and hip control. Cadence, surface, and shoes also affect the way you run. Different training programs are readily available on the internet now But, did you know that not everyone can run at the same pace or at the same intensity so these programs may not be fit for you?

Where do you start?

What is cadence? Cadence is the number of steps a minutes a runner takes. Every time your foot hits the ground, you create a certain force on impact and this is called Vertical loading rate. Vertical loading rate is seen to be linked to overuse injuries such as lower limb stress fractures. An increase in cadence can decrease vertical loading rate which therefore in theory decrease risk of lower limb injuries. A lower cadence like 140-155 steps a minute is associated with heel striking which is common in recreational runners. Elite runners have a faster cadence around 180 steps/minute and have a forefoot strike rather than a heel strike.

Are you a heel striker or a forefoot striker? When you are just starting to run, cadence is something you can look at improving and cadence will be different for everyone.

So what is your cadence?

At Physiologix, Trina Lat specialises in running assessments.  She will look at how you run and how your body moves: do you swing your arms correctly, do you lift your heel and place your foot right, are your hips moving too much.  She will measure your cadence. She will give you ways to improve your technique be it to rehab from an injury, prevent injury, or just to improve your technique adn become a better runer.  Book an appointment for your running assessment. Email from the "contact us" page of the website or call (07) 3511 1112