Shoulder Pain and Shoulder Physio in Brisbane

Shoulder pain? Find a shoulder physio in Brisbane who can help.

shoulder pain and shoulder physio brisbaneDo you struggle with shoulder pain, or more precisely pain over the outside of the upper arm?  Does your pain bother you reaching overhead or behind you, for example to the back seat of the car? Do you struggle to lie on your shoulder to sleep at night?  You may be suffering from “Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain - RCRSP”.  And for a shoulder physio in Brisbane, Physiologix is here to help

Your shoulder physio will help you understand why you have pain

Your rotator cuff muscles help to hold and control the ball of your shoulder joint in its socket. Issues can arise either with a sudden traumatic onset or just gradually build up with no set cause. Sometimes symptoms occur after you have been doing less for a while (you might have been ill, or away on a holiday) and then you get back to your previous activities, or from a sudden increase in use (for example doing a whole lot more around the house or garden or increasing your arm exercises).  Onset we know can also be linked with you doing the same level of activity but being run down, for example if you haven’t been sleeping well, from increased smoking, or from other increased stress.

Where and what will hurt?

Pain usually is felt around the outside of the upper arm.  It is often irritated with certain activities and better with rest.  Pain and or weakness is often found with doing activities, overhead or out to the side in particular.

As Leading Shoulder Physios in Brisbane, Physiologix is here to help

There is often much that you may be able to do to help yourself.  The physio is often the first port of call.  At Physiologix, we utilise the latest research to bring you the most up to date treatment recognised for this issue.  Education is very important.  Understanding the problem, why it has occurred in your case, and what you should avoid or modify, is extremely important to reducing irritation and starting you on a journey to recovery.  Learning strategies on how to sleep with less pain is also hugely important to many of you who find this issue impacts on a good nights rest.

Teaching you exercises you can try is another thing your physio will run through.  If you use your arms a lot with day to day activities, it may be the physio focuses more on how you are doing things so that we can get benefit from what you already do, whilst also making sure you aren’t irritating things further. 

Understanding how other stresses can impact the shoulder is important. Sleeping well, eating well, having less stress, reducing smoking are all thought to be important other factors in helping you have more healthy shoulders

RCRSP can be an issue that goes on to continue to annoy you long term, but just like having a bad back, if you stay on top of things, you may well be able to manage your shoulder issues well long term.  At Physiologix, our physios (many of them having a huge elite sports injury involvement of which shoulders are often the issue) have a special interest in shoulders, they are involved as treating physios in current research trials, they have years of experience treating shoulders – you will be in great hands. Based in the Gap, we are upstairs at the Gap Health and Racquet Club. Call us on (07) 3511 1112 or make a booking at