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Dear Visitor

We hope you had a wonderful Easter and the Easter Bunny was good to you.

There is never a boring moment at Physiologix.  Physio and massage remained open during the lockdown and pilates went online for the week.  A huge thank you for all of your support in continuing with your appointments as normal and good on those of you that kept the exercise going online - our online Pilates classes got great feedback from everyone so we are glad you enjoyed them.  Most importantly we are proud to have helped to keep you moving throughout yet another lockdown.

Our GLAD hip and knee Osteoarthritis course kicks off next week - we have one space left so if you are interested please get in touch asap

Sadly this month we say farewell to two incredible staff.  Megan Hunter, Physiotherapist will be leaving at the end of April and Peter Travers, Remdial Massage therapist finshes this week.  Be quick to book in if you would like to see them before they leave as they both only have a few appointments left. You can book online or call us on 07 3511 1112.  We wish them all the very best for the future - we will miss them both.

Tessa Funk, dietician, has started on a Monday afternoon/evening.  We are extremely excited to have Tessa join the team. Read more about Tessa and how she can help in our article below.

Check out our other article this month all about heel pain (see below), an area that many people suffer from but is often poorly treated.  The Physios at Physiologix have extensive experience in this area due to a heavy involvement with sport, but also with the foot research trials they have been part of with UQ.

Lastly we are excited to be a sponsor for the GAP DRAGONS, a small local AFL club for junior players. Volunteer run, this small group are pasionate to the tee in keeping the youngsters of today fit and healthy in a fun, team environment.  We are delighted to again support this great club.


Got heel pain? Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Tendinopathy or something else?

Heel pain is something we commonly treat at Phheel pain plantar fasciitis foot tendinopathyysiologix. Plantar Fasciitis and foot tendinopathy are frequent causes of the pain, but there are many other reasons for heel pain.

Plantar fasciitis is irritation of a strip of thickened tissue that runs from the forefoot to the underneath of the heel. It comes very tight when you raise onto your toes, for example, when you push off to walk.  An increase in sudden load, such as walking or running further, faster, or whilst carrying more weight can cause a flare up.  Over stretching might also be an issue, for example if you are crouched down doing something for a while.  Pain is typically felt in the middle of the under-surface of the heel and can be very painful when weight is placed through the heel, or when raising up onto the toes.

Just to the inside of the under-surface of the heel, more under the arch of the foot, there are several tendons that may become painful: the FHL, flexor digitorum and tibialis posterior – foot tendinopathy can be found in any of these tendons with a similar cause as with the plantar fasciitis, but where there is usually a bit more pressure through the inside of the foot; this might be found with someone that flattens their arch or roles their foot in when they weight bear over the foot.

Also in the arch are some small nerves that can become irritated, the pain often being more of a burning type pain.

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Staff News

Gena Wallis (Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist) continues to work with the Queensland Tennis Academy, and as the covering physio for the recent tournaments being run at the Queensland Tennis Centre.

Maria (Physiotherapist) is away this week covering the pro tour tennis tournament in Canberra.  Best of luck to all the players competing there this week and weekend......we hope its not too cold down there MJ!

Elissa Jack remains busy working part time for us and part time for the Wesely where she works with all the post operative orthopaedic patients. Having surgery? Elissa is up to date with all the latest surgeons protocols - call us to find out more

Luisa, Jessica and Moira, our incredible Pilates instructors have been catching up regularly to come up with even more exercise protocols for different conditions.....these guys never stop!

Kirsty McNab (Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist) is now back Tuesday and Saturday mornings for those of you wanting to book in after she was on maternity leave. 


Dietician at The Gap

tessa funk dietician in The Gap

Tessa Funk is now working at Physiologix, available as a dietician in The Gap.

She will be available to see at Physiologix, upstairs at The Gap Health and Racquet Club Mondays 2-7pm.For bookings call her directly on 0402 234 478 or email her at tessafunknutrition@gmail.comTessa is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and completed her Masters of Dietetic Studies in 2020 at the University of Queensland. You may recognise Tessa from around the Gap Health and Racquet Club as she has been a part of the community for many years, working as part of the reception team and being a fitness instructor at GHRC. In her spare time you will find Tessa in the gym or partaking in one of the Group Fitness classes or enjoying a coffee in the cafe.Throughout her degree Tessa has had experience working within both clinical and private practice spaces with a wide variety of clients and conditions. Since graduating, Tessa has completed two private-practice internships with APDs to gain invaluable experience in her interest areas, including gastro-intestinal issues, weight loss, sport nutrition and chronic and degenerative diseases. Tessa is passionate about educating others on nutrition and helping them to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. She will work with you to ensure that your food and nutrition are supporting your specific needs and create healthy habits to help transform your lifestyle.

Remember to discuss seeing a dietician with your GP to see if you qualify for referral under Medicare. Your appointment may also be covered by your private health cover. 

A dietician can help you with tips and guidance anywhere from meal planning to just advice and information on: 

- Weight Loss 

- Exercise and diet 

- Recovery 

- Diet for Inflammatory Conditions 

- Diet for Osteoporosis 

- Gut Health 

- Food Intolerance 

- Elimination Diet 

- Fodmap 

It is fantastic to have Tessa working as a dietician in The Gap and great to have her join the Physiologix Team



 Exercise of the Month

opening stretch jpeg  Bow and Arrow Stretch

This is a great stretching and mobilising exercise which does a lot of things at once. It gets the thoracic spine moving, (the mid back) helping to take stress and starin away from the neck and lower back.  It stretches the front of the chest and trunk, and helps to get the ribs moving and breathing control better....all of which can help a multitude of issues.  Never push into pain doing this exercise.

Keep your hips and knees bent up to 90 degrees, keep your palms together and pull your top arm back like you are drawing a bow to fire an arrow. To add further stretch open the arm back onto the ground behind you. Hold for 3 breaths and return - repeat 6-8 times. 
Upstairs at The Gap Health & Racquet Club