Want to start running? Be a better runner? Run easier, faster, further?

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join our Brisbane based Physiologix Running Clinic
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Want to start running? Be a better runner? Run easier, faster, further? 

Join this running class, no matter your ability, ALL FOR FREE.
Why attend - this will help to improve your technique, help you move more easily and efficiently, help how you move, your performance and injury prevention
What level of runner do I have to be - everyone and anyone, no matter if you are a beginner, not run in ages, experienced or elite. No matter if you want to run roads or trails
What will the sessions be:
The 40 minute session will incorporate technique drills for running and running specific strength and core work 
Combined these will help improve how you move when you run and your running style. They will help improve your body control, your movement efficiency and your running economy. 
When and Where:
Sessions will run 6.15-7pm on a Tuesday evening starting 9th august.
Beside the tennis courts at the Gap Health and Racquet club
You must call and register that you will attend at Physiologix on (07) 3511 1112
Cost is totally free.
Who is taking the classes: Vanessa Alvaro
Vanessa is a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist at Physiologix.  She is an experienced distance runner (5th fastest female in Brisbane at the recent Jetty 2 Jetty half marathon with an 84minute time!!!!!) and a running coach.  Throughout the sessions Vanessa will always be giving you useful running tips, ideas and helpful hints. These are both a workout and an education session. 

Also at Physiologix:
Gabriel is a Senior Physio at Physiologix who is currently completing his PhD into Achilles Tendinopathy in runners - he is truely at the cutting edge of all that is known about runners, injuries and injury prevention
Maria is a senior physio who has been involved with running based sports, in particular Tennis for many years, and is on of 4 physios treating the Women's draw at The Australian Tennis Open (for 9 years).
Kirsty is a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist who has worked across a broad range of sports including elite tennis and triathlon, and premier side rugby union to name a few. 


Running injuries: what to do? Should you stop running? Will everyone benefit from a running assessment?

running injuries and what you should do trail runnerRunning injuries can occur in different areas of the leg and can vary from a muscle strain, to tendinopathy, to a bone stress fracture……and they don’t always mean you have to stop running. Despite the odd ankle sprain, the majority of running injuries are due to overload. Overload means doing more than your current capacity can cope with.

Why do Running injuries occur?

Spikes, or sudden increases in training loads are usually the culprit in causing running injuries. Understanding what load means in the running context is important if you are to manage your running program well and run pain free.

Running Injuries and load increase

What is an increase in load? This may be

  • a sudden increase in pace or doing more speed training,
  • adding hills training,
  • starting to run with a running partner (who runs faster than you, which you make you push your training harder),
  • new shoes,
  • returning from a break with no running such as holidays or if recovering from an injury or illness.

KEY POINT: Any changes in your running program or how you run need to be done slowly and progressively, to avoid a running injury.

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