Physiologix Pilates Christmas Party

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Physiologix Pilates Christmas Party
Dear Visitor

At Physiologix, we are passionate about our Pilates.  Our small, supervised, individually programmed sessions using pilates equipment and other rehabilitation equipment have helped so many wonderful clients, for so many reasons. Many have made the journey through recovery from illness or injury, many of you work hard to prevent issues, and many use pilates as an adjunct to other sport/activites to allow better, injury free, capacity to do these activities.

It is always one of the highlihgts of our year to have our annual Pilates Christmas Party, and be able to tak with everyone, hear the stories of the journies, and hear the successes.

If you do pilates with us, be it with the physios or our pilates instructors, or if you are thinking of starting with us and want to chat to others who have already beeninvolved, then we would absolutely love you to join us.

When: Friday 1st December, 3-4pm
Where: at Physiologix, upstairs at the Gap Health and Racquet Club

Please confirm your attendance either by calling us on 3511 1112, or email us at
Upstairs at The Gap Health & Racquet Club