Christmas Travel Tips From Physiologix!

With the festive season and summer holidays under way, many of us are thinking about taking little (or big!) adventures to visit family, check out a new little camping spot, or fly overseas for a little winter trip. Traveling can be hard on the body, and so we’ve come up with a list of PHYSIO travel tips to help you stay as comfortable as possible so that you can have a fantastic time with your festivities.

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Exercise, Equipment Pilates and Movement for Health

equipment pilates at physiologixThe importance of exercise in improving health comes through time and time again in research. This may be from things like cancer through to back pain or chronic pain conditions, for example fibromyalgia.  A recent study looking at exercise in older athletes in the British Medical journal stated the following: "Engaging in regular physical activity may be one of our best 'life enhancing medicines' and should be used extensively".

In this study higher intensity exercise was found to be more beneficial than moderate intensity exercise, following a twice a week program, at home or in a class setting. Being given a set program helped gain more motivation and compliance from participants.  At Physiologix, we are passionate about getting you moving. In our stunning private gym area, with state of the art pilates and rehabilitation equipment, we run an extensive timetable of small, pilates classes where you will have your own individualised program to follow. We also run small physio supervised classes for those needing a little more help and support.

Here is a snapshot of a few pilates based exercises and why we might be doing them.

The 'Scooter' on the reformer is a great exercise to work on hip stability and strengthen for glutes and legs. The idea is to keep your body weight and your balance on the supporting leg, as you kick back with the other leg.  Yet it is amazing how many people have done this in Pilates workouts for years before coming to us and felt the exercise more in the front of the thigh…..totally missing the point of this exercise!!! A few little tricks and this becomes one of the best buttock muscle activation and strength exercises there is.

The ‘Step Back’ on the wunda chair is one of the functional exercises that we use during our physio rehab and the Pilates classes. Depending on the springs that you are using, you can have more or less support to step up, so we can always adapt the exercises for your level. 

This is a fantastic exercise to strengthen your glutes and legs, and work on your balance and full body control.

pilates core workoutPilates is not only about rehabilitation. You can also work really hard! Our pilates instructors have a fitness background to help you to reach your fitness or sporting goals. This 'long stretch series' is an example of a challenging core work.

Our ability to mix rehab and pilates equipment together at Physiologix allows us to progress and challenge you. In this case, the addition of the BOSU for Kneeling Chariot/Lat Pull creates an added challenge by being on an unstable surface. Your deep core stabilisers need to work harder to maintain stability without compromising posture. 

Motivated? No matter how unfit or fit you are, no matter what your injuries or health issues, at Physiologix we will get you moving.  Get in to see our Sports and Exercise physios to get an individualized program for yourself, either to do in one of our many classes, or to do from home. 

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Is Your Posture Letting You Down

Good posture is always talked about but why is it so important. At the end of the day we are a bunch of bones. To keep those bones aligned into a good position we need muscles. If we align our body well then not only are our bones in the right position but our muscles are working in balance to hold our bones there.

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Manage Your Back Pain

Lumbar spine pain, or pain in the low back, can be caused by a plethora of things. These may be factors to do with injury in the spine, such as degeneration, disc bulges, and scoliosis. Or they may be due to stresses and strains put on the spine, such as prolonged sitting, excessive lifting or bending, poor posture.

Whatever in going on internally to cause your pain, we can take some simple steps to help protect our back. All the ideas below must be pain free – any problems then get in touch and our physios will help adjust things precisely for your injury.

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Pain Holding Baby?

As I deal with breastfeeding my now six-week-old baby whilst juggling my toddler I am reminded of the many aches and pains that the body can feel at this time post-pregnancy.

At Physiologix, we see certain injuries frequently from this period on over the next year:

There are some key things that you can do to improve these issues and be pain-free. I hope this helps you or someone you know who is looking after a young baby. And this applies as much to partners as it does to the main carer!!!  We will look at:

Shoulder tension/ Neck pain/ Headaches
good neck and shoulder posture holding baby 300x150
Whether it is the stress of dealing with a baby that you can’t stop crying, or burping your child over your shoulder, or the carrying around and lifting, it is very hard not to hitch your shoulders up towards your ear as you do these things. However, this will result in a very tight neck and shoulders and very often result in headaches. Try hard to focus on relaxing and dropping your shoulders. Open your chest up and slightly draw your shoulders back so that you sit with better posture

Wrist and Hand Pain

Several movements remain a key issue with pain in this region. There is a tendency when feeding or holding the baby to tuck your wrist into a
bent position to try and support the baby - wrists prefer to work in a more relaxed straighter position, especially under load, which as your baby grows, it has to deal with. Try to relax your hand so you use more of your forearm to support the child. Use pillows when feeding to give your arms and shoulders a break whenever you are able.

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Pilates - For Strength, Flexibility, Posture, Pain Reduction and Bone Density

dsc03783Want to:
·      Increase your muscle strength and tone ( particularly of your abdominal, lower back, shoulders, hips and buttock muscles)
·      Improve your flexibility?
·      Prevent injuries related to muscle imbalance?
·      Improve your posture?
·      Improve your bone density?
Then equipment pilates is for you. Physiologix now offering Pilates for Strength and Fitness.  With Pilates no longer available through Private Health Cover, Physiologix is delighted to be able to offer Small Pilates Equipment Fitness Classes run by Luisa, a qualified pilates instructor.

Use state of the art pilates reformers and feel your body work in this great class, ideal for improving all over body fitness and strength, with a particular focus on the core.  No matter you age, ability or level of fitness, Luisa can cater for your individual needs.

Luisa holds a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction (PITC) and is a qualified Buff Bones Instructor. She also holds Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness having worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Luisa understands the body and the way it functions extremely well. Luisa is well equipped to assist people in making a positive change in their lives, with her experience in the fitness industry, she has the skills and knowledge to help people achieve their goals.

After discovering the many and varied benefits of Pilates through needing a natural therapy for neck and back pain, Luisa has since gone on to become a fully qualified instructor so she can empower other people to move and strengthen their own bodies. She believes when you learn about your posture and the way you move, it brings about awareness and discovery.
Luisa feels Pilates is for “every body” – age or ability is no barrier. Luisa is a breast cancer survivor, having had 2 diagnosis over 10 years and ongoing treatment. She has an incredible inner strength, self-belief and determination, that has seen her recover and come out stronger. Luisa wants to be a motivator and role model for her clients, whether they are facing health issues, challenges or have a particular goal in mind they want to achieve, she can show you what it takes to be successful. She is living proof that anything is possible!

Got Bone Density Issues?
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