Wimbledon - What Injuries do the Players Struggle With

Gena Wallis, Physiotherapist at Physiologix, works extensively with tennis. She is involved with the Queensland Tennis Academy as well as covering many tennis events in Brisbane.  She also writes for a well known physio website and here she revewis an article all about injuries at Wimbledon:

Injuries in professional tennis are common due to the high loading demands on the body.

This retrospective study adds to professional tennis epidemiological data by describing the injury presentation among elite tennis players and the changes in injury profile over 10 years at The Championships, Wimbledon. The rates of presentation of injury varied between male and female players, and between years with the majority of injuries pre-existing or recurrent. Muscle and ligament injuries are the predominant type of acute injury in professional grass court tennis and appear to have increased in female players during the study period.

Data was collected on all injury presentations to the sports physicians throughout the Wimbeldon main draw period from 2003-2012.  Overall injury rates were lower for male players (17.7 injuries per 1000 sets) than female players (23.4 injuries per 1000 sets). Axial injuries account for 25% (male) and 23% (female) of all injuries while upper limb injuries 28% (male and female) and lower limb injuries 47% (male) and 49% (female).  

The implementation of a centralised electronic record keeping system, from all healthcare professionals involved with the management of players on the world tour is enhancing our understanding of the true extent of injury in professional tennis and can help target specific injury prevention strategies and enable more effective continuity of care.  

Tennis injury data from The Championships, Wimbledon, from 2003 to 2012 .I McCurdie, S Smith, P H Bell, M E Batt. BJSM. 2017