The Australian Open Tips On Knees

Day 1 of the Australian Tennis Open and I hope you will be enjoying some of the performances these amazing athletes will be putting on. Watching you will see many of the athletes with their knees taped. In such a fast moving, dynamic game, the stresses and strains these players place on their knees is intense and many of them have early arthritic changes. Tape can be used in a multitude of ways to change the alignment of

the knee joint thus reducing pain. As physios, we look at the movements that cause pain and then twist, turn, push and prod. The way that the muscles and tendons pull on the joints can be changed, the way the bones align can be affected, pressure can be reduced by pulling things in different directions – it is quite amazing how much a player that may have been in considerable pain, can have their joint taped so as to allow them to compete.

And knee support is not just for athletes. Tape can be used with anyone.

Knee braces work in a similar way. A recent study looking at knee osteoarthritis found that strength of the knee muscles, and pain, could be improved by using a brace versus not. If you have knee pain, there is a lot you can do to support your knee in different ways so as to stop your pain. Ongoing pain in the knee has been shown to lead to early osteoarthritis so stopping pain swiftly is extremely important. Get in a learn how to help yourself…….and enjoy the next 2 weeks of tennis!