Recovery Do As The Pro’s Do

Gena Wallis has been working for Tennis Australia at the Pro Tour $25,000 Tennis tournament last week at Tennyson. For these elite athletes, jumping onto an injury early is everything. Here are a few tricks we could all learn from.

Recovery is everything. Exercise stresses our bodies – how we recover is how we get stronger. Don’t recover well and you break down. So what can we do to recover.

Stretching helps lengthen out muscles that tighten with injury. Slow, long hold stretches after exercise are best.

Rolling muscles like the back and the front of the

thigh and the calves helps massage out tight spots keeping then muscles lose and healthy. You can roll on a ball to get into the buttock, back and shoulder areas. Putting 10minutes into this stretch and massage routine after your workout can work wonders for your bod.

Water immersion has been shown to be one of the best ways to help the body recover; jumping into the pool for 20-30minutes once a week should be a part of everyone’s exercise routine.

Jump onto a niggle fast – if you can’t stretch or massage a sore spot yourself, consult with your physio. Find out what is wrong and why it’s gone wrong! Treating the cause is just as important as treating the symptoms! Knowing what you have done and how to rehab it will see you back doing what you want in the shortest possible time.

Keep moving: your physio will guide you on what you can do. Trying to maintain as much fitness as possible if you have an injury will make getting back into it again far easier and also reduce risk of another injury.

Massage is an amazing way to keep injuries at bay! Emma and Tibo at Physiologix have such incredible experience. They will sort out any things that might be developing and nip them in the bud!

And of course, eat well, drink well and sleep well!

Put the right things in to get the right things out. Stay healthy this spring!