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Dance Physiotherapy: Pre-pointe Assessments (H1)

A pre-pointe assessment is a formal examination conducted by a Physiotherapist with dance specific training AKA Dance Physiotherapy. The purpose is to determine a dancer’s readiness to commence Pointe work. The pre-pointe assessment is an objective examination which requires the results to be interpreted by a trained provider.

What’s involved in a Pre-Pointe Assessment? (H2)

The pre-pointe assessment takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Students will be provided with a Pre-Pointe Questionnaire, whereby dancers can provide details regarding their dance history, current and previous injuries. The Physiotherapist can then discuss these results with the student and their parent and/or dance teacher.

During the physical examination the Physiotherapist will utilise a structured assessment form to test dancers across a range of areas, including:

  • ☞ Static and dynamic postures
  • ☞ Global and specific joint mobility
  • ☞ First position
  • ☞ Control of Demi-plie, Grand Plie, Rise
  • ☞ Functional control in single limb standing (Rises, Demi-Pointe, knee bends)
  • ☞ Tendus en Croix
  • ☞ Retire and Retire Passe
  • ☞ Foot muscle strength and control
  • ☞ Pointe range
  • ☞ Core stability

The Physiotherapist will note the student’s performance in each test, and provide detailed feedback regarding movement quality, endurance and proficiency. The completed assessment form will be provided to the dance teacher along with recommendations regarding readiness for Pointe and/or specific areas to improve in. If appropriate, the Physiotherapist may prescribe dance-specific exercises to a dancer to assist them in advancing to Pointe, or for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

If a Pre-Pointe assessment has been recommended by your dance teacher, please contact the clinic on (07) 3511 1112 to schedule an appointment with Vanessa (Sports and Exercise Physio, Dance Physio Specific Training).