Here at Physiologix, we offer a professional dietician service. Dieticians perform a crucial role in our health, as they can look into every aspect of your diet, analyse it, and design a customises diet to suit your individual needs for optimal health and wellbeing. Remember to discuss seeing a dietician with your GP to see if you qualify for referral under Medicare. Your appointment may also be covered by your private health cover.

A dietician can help you with tips and guidance anywhere from meal planning to just advice and information on: 

  • - Weight Loss
  • - Exercise and diet
  • - Recovery
  • - Diet for Inflammatory Conditions
  • - Diet for Osteoporosis 
  • - Gut Health 
  • - Food Intolerance 
  • - Elimination Diet 
  • - Fodmap

Our in-house dietician, Tessa, will be available to see you at Physiologix, upstairs at The Gap Health and Racquet Club Mondays 2-7pm. For bookings call Tessa directly on 0402 234 478 or email her at Read more about our fabulous dietician here.

Call (07) 3511 1112 to find out more.