Physio Supervised Clinical Exercise (including online options)

Physiotherapists now widely use Pilates-based exercise as an enjoyable and extremely effective way to prevent and rehabilitate from injury. At Physiologix we offer pilates run by pilates instructors (please click here to read more about this option) but also small physio supervised exercise-based rehab classes for those that need more supervision and specific exercise intervention.

It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, normal breathing control, and developing a strong core or center (toning the abdominals while strengthening the back), as well as improving coordination and balance.

Pilates was initially developed by German, Joseph Pilates, during the First World War, to rehabilitate injured soldiers. It then became popular with dancers and performers as a way to stretch and strengthen the body, through a gentle but effective workout. Pilates has continued to become increasingly popular, due to its focus on posture and good alignment.

Exercise Based Clinical Physio

At Physiologix, our staff have over 80 years of experience between them. You will be individually assessed, taking into account all your current injuries and medical concerns.   A program will be specifically designed for you taking into account your starting level of ability, your worries, fears, and concerns, and exercises will be specifically tailored to the needs of your body. In every session, your progress, issues, and concerns are noted and the program can be adapted and changed at any time as required. At all times you will be supervised and assisted by one of our highly experienced physios.

Your program will be based on the latest in studio Pilates equipment, as well as a range of other specialised rehabilitation equipment including Pilates equipment.

No matter what your injury, how fit or unfit you are, how much pain you may be in we will support you through your rehabilitation process. Whatever your long term goals, whether the super-fit elite athlete and just hoping to move with a little less pain we will continue to progress your program to ensure all your goals and requirements are achieved.

Please note that we also offer, as a more affordable option to our physio supervised classes we also offer pilates classes run by pilates instructors. Your initial individualised program will still be set up by a physio but you can then continue to work through your exercises under the watchful guidance of our extremely experienced Pilates instructors - to read more about this click here

Pregnancy/ pre and post natal Exercise Based Clinical Physio (this can also be completed under our pilates classes - click here)

Specific Pregnancy Exercise is an extremely beneficial addition to any pregnancy fitness routine. It is important you exercise safely and regularly during pregnancy to reduce the risk of pain, discomfort and injury in this pre-natal time, as well as preparing your body for childbirth, the recovery period from this, and having you ready for your initial time as being a mum.

Physiologix offers specific pregnancy exercise in many forms from a pilates instructor run class, a 1:3 physio supervised class, through to an individual physio or pilates instructor run1:1 session for those requiring more help, support and care. All our physios are highly qualified and extremely experienced and we also have a Physiotherapist with a special interest in Women’s Health. All participants have at least one 1:1 session during which you learn to correctly activate your abdominal and pelvic floor  using ultrasound imaging. Programs are individually tailored to accommodate to each woman’s ability.

Pre-natal Program

Which muscle groups are important to keep strong during pregnancy and for childbirth?  How do I stretch that tight butt muscle safely?  Which exercises should I avoid?  All of these questions and more will be answered in your 45-minute class which aims to give you a good but safe workout. PS: your baby is welcome too.

Post-natal Program

Getting back to exercise safely after the birth of a child is important for many women but it can be confusing as to which exercises are safe, and how hard to work out, and when.  It can also just be plain tricky when you have a little one to find the time to do a class.

Our post-natal exercise class will be 45 minutes of pelvic floor and abdominal strengthening exercises.  A great whole body workout you can perform in the comfort of your lounge room, with your little one right beside you.

Please call us on (07) 3511 1112 or email us at to find out more.

Classes, Unsupervised or Individual?

3:1 Small Group Classes including reformer classes

(limited to 3 people)

For those who feel they would struggle to manage a class and / or would just prefer more supervision from the Physiotherapist, we also offer multiple small groups throughout different days and times, which are limited to a maximum of 3 people over a 45minute or 1 hour time. Please contact us to find out more.

When: multiple times available through the week including early and late times

1:1 Sessions

One to one sessions with the physiotherapist are available at all other times. Please contact Physiologix for more information.

How to book: All bookings and payments are to be made through Physiologix.
Tel: 3511 1112 or contact us via email.


You can use the rehab gym hub space, unsupervised at all other times. An initial one hour program set up is required with one of our highly experienced physios. See below for details on costs.  Please contact Physiologix for more information.

How to book: All bookings and payments are to be made through Physiologix.
Tel: 3511 1112 or contact us via email.




Utilise our stunning, fully equiped pilates and rehab private Physiologix gym area upstairs at the Gap Health and Racquet Club,
200 Settlement Rd

Circuit Class Times
call us on 3511 1112 to find out more


  • An initial consultation will be required with the physiotherapist (includes ultrasound assessment) - the length of this may vary depending on if you are currently a existing client and your pilates expereince.
  • Classes $50 per class when purchased as part of the 6 pack pre-purchase (8 weeks to use)
  • $55 per individual class


All bookings and payments are to be made through Physiologix.
Tel: 3511 1112 or contact us via email.