Massage, or soft tissue therapy is used to treat a wide range of muscular conditions & disorders. Thanks to their experience and extensive qualifications, our massage therapists here at Physiologix uses a wider range of techniques to help alleviate pain & restore function. Techniques used during the consultation are varied and personalised for the condition and client's needs. These may include deep tissue massage, myofascial release & dry needling, amongst many others. These & other techniques can be effective when used on their own. Our massage therapists can use a multitude of techniques in conjunction, thus relieving pain and improving performance fast, as well as far more effectively. Common conditions which can be relieved by soft tissue therapy are outlined below.

Massage times: Half hour, 45 minutes, and 1 hour appointments available.

HICAPS available for immediate health cover rebate claims.

What is massage used for?
  • Preventing injury
  • Treating pain
  • Managing dysfunction
  • Maintaining musculo-skeletal health
  • Injury recovery and rehabilitation
  • Maintain optimal muscle performance
Common conditions treated by massage therapy:
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Neck pain
  • Joint conditions including arthritis
  • Injury recovery
  • Posture correction
  • Sporting injuries
  • Acute conditions
  • Foot & shin pain
  • Adult & adolescent back pain
What to expect during your treatment?

In an initial consultation, the client's condition and/or posture will be assessed and a treatment plan established. Hands-on techniques to decrease pain & restore function will be applied. An exercise and/or stretch program may be given so that recovery may be aided at home or a work.A follow-up consultation will begin with objectively re-assessing the condition and continuing treatment & further restore function.Health fund rebates are available for clients as therapists are fully qualified, insured and are professional members of their industry association.

Trigger point release

Trigger points are hyper-irritable nodules found within muscles anywhere in the body & particularly neck and shoulders among office workers. Some side-effects of trigger points include:- Pain in area & referred pain- Muscle tightness- Muscle weakness- Decreased muscle functionIf left untreated trigger points can lead to chronic pain and postural conditions.Trigger point therapy, gentle stretching & possibly strengthening exercises will all aid in reducing trigger point activity and enable the client to maintain health at home.

Myofascial Dry Needling

Myofascial Dry Needling (MDN) is the use of acupuncture needles to manipulate trigger points within a muscle. It is a specialised tool, used to deactivate trigger points and thus increase range of movement & decrease pain. It is used to treat many musculo-skeletal conditions including back pain, sporting injuries, hip pain and headaches.It differs to acupuncture in that MDN is more anatomically based, and focuses on specific areas of concern, as assessed by the clinician.

Sports Massage

Australia is a world leader in sports medicine & research. Sports massage is now used in all professional sports and is a crucial part of medical teams around the country. Prevention of injury is imperative and regular massage helps to regulate tissue between activity, enhance performance and aid recovery. However, it is not only utilised by professionals. Sports massage is beneficial to everyday people and semi-professional athletes. Whether it is tennis elbow, shoulder or knee pain from gym or wanting more flexibility in your golf swing, sports massage will be of benefit.Our therapists have experience working with professional athletes, sports injuries and sports recovery.

Some benefits of sports massage include:
  • Treats pain
  • Faster recovery after activity
  • Prevents injury
  • Enhances performance
  • Supports musculo-skeletal health
  • Injury recovery & rehabilitation
  • Helps maintain optimal muscle performance
Myofascial release

Fascia is an intense spider-web like covering over every muscle, bone, nerve & organ in the body. It can be described as an 'internal stocking'. Sometimes it is the tight fascia surrounding a muscle area that is restricted (not the muscle itself), causing dysfunction. Myofascial release is a gentle technique used to 'uncoil' the fascial system in an effort to increase range of movement, decrease pain and return the body to homeostasis (normal function).

Sports specific treatments

Even those who are reasonably fit or in training for a specific sporting event, our therapists can develop a treatment plan to suit which stage of training you are in.Treatments can be amended to be sport specific for the client. Our therapists use a wide range of skills and experience to assess your condition & common injuries from your chosen sport. Your treatment is then focused on achieving specific goals needed during performance.These treatments can help treat & reduce the recurrence of sporting injuries from medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints) to lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).Below are some of the sports in which our therapists can help you in your chosen field.

    • Athletics Rowing
    • Australian Football Running
  • Baseball Swimming
  • Basketball Tennis
  • Canoeing Triathlon
  • Cricket Volleyball
  • Cycling Softball
  • Golf Water Polo
  • Gymnastics Weightlifting
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rugby
Pregnancy Massage

There are many, many changes that occur to the musculoskeletal system during and after pregnancy. Frequently women experience muscle tightness as a result. Pregnancy massage is the perfect way to ease those all too frequent aches and pains. Our highly qualified therapists, each with many years of experience, offer you that special treatment you deserve and need.

Massage is a commonly used complementary therapy to provide relaxation and relief from the painful symptoms of cancer. Research has demonstrated up to 70% of cancer patient use massage to improve their everyday life. Oncology massage in Brisbane is a very new service with few therapists are able to offer this fantastic service. Our specialised therapists have trained through Oncology Massage Training Australia, the only oncology massage accredited training in Australia.

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