Physiologix Running Clinic

attend the running clinic to run pain free

Are you a runner? Or are you thinking about starting to run?

Have you struggled with injuries or are you trying to stay injury free?

Or are you just wanting to become a better runner?

Why will this Brisbane Running Clinic Help me

Our Sports and Exercise Physios have a special interest in running injuries. They are highly experienced in running related injuries as well as keen runners themselves. The research on running related injuries is growing exponentially as is our understanding of why they occur and what we can do about them. Our understanding of the effect of loading, that is how much you are doing, is becoming more and more clear. Recognising that running well requires a multitude of factors combined to be addressed is essential - its not just one thing! And as well as all the running specific knowledge and appreciation of the affect of stress, lack of sleep and other medical or non medical issues you may have going on are hugely important. Our expert physios have a fantastic team of other professionals they work with - if required they will be able to support you with this. We are here to help you on your journey.We can help you understand how to:

☞ manage your injuries
☞ get back on track
☞ prevent your injuries from happening again
☞ become running strong
☞ improve your technique
☞ get faster
☞ run further1:1 sessions

Running clinic 1:1 Sessions

Book in for a Running Clinic 1 hour appointment. 

In this time we will discuss your aims and goals. We will look at how you move and how you run. We will help you understand changes you could make if that would be of benefit. We will help structure an exercise program to support your running.This may be strength or felxibility exercises, running drills, or other key exercises that you may benefit from. All our programs can be accessed over a free video app direct to your phone.


Running Clinic Group Sessions

Join this running clinic group class, no matter your ability, ALL FOR FREE.

Why attend - this will help to improve your technique, help you move more easily and efficiently, help how you move, your performance and injury prevention

What level of runner do I have to be - everyone and anyone, no matter if you are a beginner, not run in ages, experienced or elite. No matter if you want to run roads or trails

What will the running clinic sessions be:

The 40 minute session will incorporate technique drills for running and running specific strength and core work 
Combined these will help improve how you move when you run and your running style. They will help improve your body control, your movement efficiency and your running economy. 

When and Where:

Sessions will run 6.15-7pm on a Tuesday evening starting 9th august 2022.
Beside the tennis courts at the Gap Health and Racquet club, 200 Settlment Rd, The Gap.
You must call and register that you will attend at Physiologix on (07) 3511 1112


Who takes the running clinic sessions:

Vanessa is a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist at Physiologix.  She is an experienced distance runner (5th fastest female in Brisbane at the recent Jetty 2 Jetty half marathon with an 84minute time!!!!!) and a running coach.  Throughout the sessions Vanessa will always be giving you useful running tips, ideas and helpful hints. These are both a workout and an education session. 

running clinic will help you run with friends whatever age
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