Hip Physiotherapy

Physiologix has long had a special interest in treating hip injuries. Our staff have been part of many research trials investigating different hip conditions, have assisted in running hip courses around Australia for Physiotherapists, and have years of experience treating hips.

Pain around the hip can be a very disabling problem, with reduced ability to move around and do what you want to do. Keeping fit and healthy can then become an issue. Pain can be very depressing, cause sleep disturbances and have a very negative affect on your life.

The hip, pelvis and lower back are all very closely linked. Each area can refer, or send, pain to the other area. Careful assessment is needed to establish the cause of your pain. Just as important is ascertaining how the injury occurred. Both of these facts must be correctly diagnosed to ensure good treatment decisions can be made.

Pain at the side of the hip, greater trochanteric pain, often resulting from gluteus medius tendinopathy and bursitis is an area the clinic sees a large number of clients. Hip Osteoarthritis, labral tears, hip dyspasia and femero-acetabular impingement (FAI), are all commonly seen injuries. Total hip replacement and hip resurfacing are other surgeries we assist patients in recovery with.

We use the latest research and technology to help in your rehabilitation. We use careful progressive exercise to help strengthen your joint and return you to normal function, whether that be simply managing to get around the house, to returning to high level elite sport.

To talk to one of our hip experts please call the clinic at any time – our staff our always delighted to try and help with any questions you may have before you book an appointment.

For more information, we recommend reading our article on the subject.

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