Kids and Adolescent Physiotherapy

Working with kids and adolescents requires a very specific knowledge not only of the injuries these age group can experience that adults don’t, but also a much deeper understanding of the psychological impact their injury and situation is having on them, which is again very, very different to that of an adult.

All the all the massage and physiotherapists at Physiologix have further training qualifications and a specific interest in these age groups. Several of our therapist work with young elite athletes. But we work with everyone, from the very sporty, to the non-sporty.

Hypermobility is an issue that can plague many younger people. Our staff have spend many hours developing rehabilitation strategies and programs specific to this group.

Early intervention is key. These are the formative years for your kids. It is essential you help give them the best physical (and psychological) opportunities you can. We are here to help and support you with this.

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