Shoulder Physiotherapy

The shoulder is a very complex joint. Pain can be significant, disabling and extensive. Our physiotherapists have decades of experience between them. Several of our staff are involved in elite sport, including tennis, a game rife with shoulder injuries. Our staff are on the cutting edge of the latest research and rehabilitation concepts.

You will undergo a thorough assessment which helps to reveal what is causing your pain directly, but also what has lead to the injury developing. Often this includes understanding the postures and alignment you adopt when you rest, as well as when you move. Changing these can often be paramount in achieving a good outcome.

Our physiotherapists will work with your GP, specialist or orthopaedic surgeon to understand your needs and provide the optimal rehabilitation program, whether you have had surgery, corticosteroid injection, or are managing your injury conservatively.

We work with all types of shoulder injury, from rotator cuff tendinopathy or surgery, to labral tears, to bursitis, or total shoulder replacement.

To talk to one of our shoulder experts please call the clinic at any time – our staff our always delighted to try and help with any questions you may have before you book an appointment.