Sports Screening (Adults & Kids)

Be faster, stronger and more agile!

Most people train to some level for their chosen activity or sport. However most people neglect that tennis requires flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, agility, power, acceleration, speed and good aerobic and anaerobic fitness to name a few. It is hard to sprint at 100% if you lack full ankle range of motion or don’t have the core to hold your pelvis together while your legs drive. You can't hit a controlled cross court winner or a great golf drive if you lack the core and shoulder stability. What is even worse is when you see people running out of steam three quarters of the way through a match……they lose the ability to attack, and become weak on the defence.

As athletes, parents and coaches it is extremely hard to pick up on these inefficiencies and even harder to be able to effectively fix them.

The Sports Specific Performance Screen (SSPS) is a revolutionary approach to peak performance. The SSPS compiles baseline measurements off the back of a series of specialised tests. These tests combine to give you a tailored ‘Performance Profile’ of your physical joint and muscle capabilities and how well your body moves during basic and complex motor skills.

An individualised home exercise program can be made for the athlete that targets the relevant finding from the SSPS process. With guidance from the physiotherapist the athlete will carry out the specific exercise program which may include strengthening, stretches, motor skill learning and sports specific movement retraining.

Follow-up screens are also recommended to monitor improvement and make sure the athlete is continually being challenged.

For more information on our Sports Specific Performance Screen please contact our reception staff or email the clinic directly.