Tennis Physiotherapy

At Physiologix, we are the industry leaders for tennis related physiotherapy in Brisbane, ranging for working at the Australian Tennis Open, Pro tour events, Queensland National Academy of Tennis, and with players of all ages and levels of ability.

Our Physiotherapist’s share a huge passion for tennis and we understand the importance keeping you on the court. PhysioLogix is based at a popular tennis centre at The Gap Racquet and Health club and we treat and manage tennis players of all levels on a daily basis. We work in close communication with coaches, strength and conditioning experts, dieticians, podiatrists and a sports medicine team to help achieve the best possible outcome to rehabilitate post injury and improve your tennis performance.

As well as tennis physiotherapy injury management, we are specialists in body optimisation for tennis performance. After seeing too many preventable tennis injuries and rehabilitating countless athletes we have come up with The Tennis Specific Performance Screen that helps identify body movement inefficiencies and creates a baseline profile of performance measures. Muscle strength, power, anaerobic and aerobic capacity is necessary at a certain level for injury prevention. Flexibility, agility and speed are also of great importance for tennis performance. Screening and a tennis specific exercise body management program can help you can gain control of your body to give you peace of mind, power and precision on the court.

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