Pilates Exercise for Scoliosis in Brisbane

work wioth scolio pilates method pilates instructorsThere are few specifically trained people that can teach Pilates exercise for scoliosis in Brisbane. Scoliosis of the spine simple means that at rest the spine curves slightly from side to side and not just forwards and backwards.  On some people this is relatively minor, will not result in pain, and they will be unaffected by this throughout their life.  For others the focus will be on addressing pain and or reducing the increase in this scoliosis.  

Who has scoliosis?

Scoliosis in kids and adolescents must be carefully monitored.  Through growth spurts the scoliosis can change dramatically – close monitoring will ensure that any more medical intervention occurs swiftly. No matter if more medical intervention is required or not, Pilates exercise for the scoliosis can be beneficial.  And in Brisbane, not many pilates instructors truly do this well.

As we age our spine may be prone to reducing in height (yes sorry, you get shorter as you get older), with the curvature of the scoliosis at risk of increasing – careful monitoring may again be indicated to monitor any deterioration and symptom progression. Pilates exercise for scoliosis management as we age can be beneficial if done carefully and well. 

How Physiologix can help

scoliosis pilates unique programPhysiologix, in The Gap in north-west Brisbane has Pilates instructors specifically trained in the “Scolio-Pilates” method.  These are highly experienced Pilates instructors who understand scoliosis, what it is, what it means, and what can be done about it, in particular which are the best and most appropriate Pilates exercises for your specific scoliosis.

Learn how to correct your curves towards a more neutral spinal position using scoliosis specific exercises. Begin with corrections in basic positions you can manage, maybe lying on your back, tummy or side, or seated or standing.  Master your ability in these basic positions first and then move into more complex movements on the Pilates Equipment.

Your Scoliosis Pilates Program is Specific to you

scoliosis pilates unique programYour scoliosis Pilates program will be entirely unique to just you, your curves and what you specifically need. Everyone will have their own aims, goals and things they wish to achieve – we will help you work towards these as we progress you forward.

For more information call us on 3511 1112 or email us at admin@physiologix.com.au