Tennis elbow (in tennis players)

Tennis elbow (TE) affects up to 40-50% of all tennis players in their lifetime. In tennis, repetitive strokes place large demands on the wrist extensor muscle group. Backhand strokes have been shown to invoke higher stresses on the elbow than forehand strokes.

The force imparted by the ball onto the racquet during a backhand stroke is transmitted via wrist extensors to the common extensor tendon origin on the outside of the elbow. When overloaded greater than capacity, the tendon begins to break down and lead to tissue disruption, hence the feeling of pain and weakness around the elbow.

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Are you doing the best for your shoulders?

Many people think about the shoulder joint when they are recovering from a shoulder injury or when they want to strengthen their arms. But most people forget their scapula, or shoulder blade. The scapula fixes our shoulder to our body. It is the base that ensures we can position our arm exactly where we want it to go. It transfers strength from the trunk to the arm making the arm stronger. Failing to strengthen this area is guaranteed failure with your shoulder strength program and a high likely hood you are heading for a shoulder injury.

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